Facts on Aphrodisiacs

This is a million dollar question - Do aphrodisiacs really work? Most sources claim that sexual arousing foods and scents are mostly psychological, and do not really work and other sources claim minor adjustments to hormone levels. Regardless of what thought you side with, most agree that there is nothing wrong with a little believing in magic and enjoying the sexual fun. Who cares if eating oysters does not really affect your sexual drive, if you think it does then go right ahead and enjoy eating the oysters and have good sex.

What has been proven is that placebo effect is real. The placebo effect is when you think that you are taking a medication but in fact it's a sugar pill. With the thought in place and your belief that you are really taking meds, you get better and heal whatever ailment that strikes you. It proves that the power of suggestion is very real.

I did some research and present to you some thoughts on various foods and items that are commonly thought to be aphrodisiacs and you be the judge. Even if they are disputed and you doubt it, a great way to have more fun in the sack is to have aphrodisiac on nights where to sample some from the list and test it's effect on your libido. regardless of if you experience additional sexual arousal, you are sure to create yourselves a unique ands fun sexual experience.

The minor list of common aphrodisiacs and the facts and history behind them:

The best and most commonly known aphrodisiac available. There are many reasons that chocolate is an aphrodisiac from the delicious flavor, the tempting nature and the slow melting feel. It is warm in the mouth, smooth and sensual. The medical reason that it's an aphrodisiac is because chocolate contains theobromine, a stimulating alkaloid, which helps the brain to produce serotonin, which is responsible for all things that feel good. It promotes happiness which is essential for good sex. When you are calm and happy, you can have better sex.

History books will tell you that Indians and Egyptians were prohibited to eat onion s because of it's seductive qualities! This theory reigned from the Greeks, it is said to enhance the libido and repair and strengthen reproductive organs. How does it do this? I have no idea and actually could not find a definitive answer. My opinion is that is reduces sexual excitement because of the lingering smell on your breath, but you be the judge of this!

Rhino Horn
This is sad because of the Chinese's thoughts that this is an aphrodisiac, this elegant and powerful animal is becoming extinct. Truth is that there is nothing in the horn except for magnesium because it's a bone-like structure that creates sexual arousal, but you can juts take magnesium supplements from different methods. Please do! Save the rhinos! The only reason that magnesium is an aphrodisiac is that it boosts energy so you are more likely to agree to sex and not to say you're too tired. Also, the horn resembles a penis.

It's pretty obvious why this is a sexual item, look at the photo above. It';s ab banana vibrator! Google "banana porn" or "Banana vagina" and you will be either disgusted or amazed at what you see. That is the main reason that bananas are considered aphrodisiacs. Also, the nutrients boost energy and promote health. Bananas are the only food that you can live with eating and go the longest without dying from being nutritionally deficient.

Hot peppers
Just like the banana, chili peppers look like a little penis. men might like this because they are always bigger then a chili pepper but never bigger then a banana.
The real reason that these induce sexual temptation and raunchy arousal is because they are hot so they cause tingling and swelling in the urinary and digestive tract, this is mistaken with the tingle of sexual arousal. But you know the saying, If is feels like sex, it must be sex.

The real reason this food is on the list is because of how they grow. The mayans would notice them going hanging from trees on pairs and they resembles testicles. We are not the only generations with dirty minds, this proves that even thousands of years ago, the primitive humans had their minds in the gutter just like we do!
In my opinion, avocado would be counter productive because it contains lots of fat which weighs you down and makes you feel sluggish.

I could go on forever about hundred of different types of aphrodisiacs but I'll leave the list there for now. Do some Google searches on aphrodisiac foods and scents and give yourself an exiting reason to have sex, test drive different foods and see what happens! Have fun!