Glass Has Class

Do you need a smooth ride from your sex toys? Are you fed up with the sticky feel of jelly sex toys? Try a glass dildo. Here are some reasons why glass sex toys are so fantastic.

1.) No friction.
The glass glides so smoothly that there is absolutely no friction felt. The feel is very exquisite. If you like fast thrusting, you will love glass. If you love gentle probing, you will love glass. No matter who you are, glass will make you feel like a goddess.

2.) No need for lube.
Pack lightly, leave the lube at home. If there is no friction, there is no need for lube. Of course you can use some but it will just be a waste, so save it for sex. So far, using glass sex toys from sound very low maintenance, don't they?

3.) No need to sterilize.
Glass is non-porous so it can never build up bacteria like other dildos can. All you need to do is rinse it off and pack it away. Done and simple as that! You can never do this with other sex toys because the material is porous and can build bacteria.
Think about if you had a latex cup and filled it with hit chocolate. You can't just rinse it and put it back in the shelf. You have to use soap and water or the chocolate reside will stick to the cup and can stain it or start to mold. If you drink hot chocolate in a glass cup, you can rinse and rub and stick it away, no worry about any nasties forming in there. The same concept goes with your glass sex toys.

4.) You can share.
All germophobic women know never to share sex toys. But rest assured that yo can share glass and it will be okay. You can't contract anything from a glass dildo so rinse between uses of course and share away. Of course if you are still a germophobe about the whole thing, just place the dildo in a pot of water on the stove and turn the heat to boil which will kill any germs on the surface.

5.) Enjoy the temperature effect.
If you put the glass in the fridge overnight, it will come out very cold. It will retain this temperature for a while and give you a really invigorating sensation. There is no other sex toy that can retain the cold for as long.
The opposite is also true, it retains heat temperature too, you can warm it up by letting it sit in warm water for a while and it will stay warm. As with any glass, don't so from too cold to too hot or it may crack. Don't put it in the freezer put it in the fridge. Don't put it in boiling water, put it in hot water.

6.) Go from the pussy to the bum.
You can alternate anal to vaginal with only a rinse in between. For most other sex toys including but not limited to rubber, you should never share sex toys from your anus to your vagina because it can cause bacterial infection in the vagina. You should still rinse the glass sex toy before switching holes.

7.) Easy storage.
With a glass sex toy, you can store it anywhere. Juts toss it in your sock drawer! With other sex toys, you have to make sure they don't come into contact with other sex toys or they might melt together. You also have to be careful to prevent lint, dust and teasing as they bump against other things, Also your drawer will smell of rubber or jelly, giving away your secret sex toy stash. With glass sex toys, there is no give away that there is a sex toy in there. It is the best low maintenance adult toy ever.