Hair or Bare

The question of baring or all or going au-naturel is a personal question. At first thought you will automatically assume that no hair down there is the way to go. Completely nude in the nude. We all know that porn movies and adult magazines have women completely bare with no hair, not even a razor stubble mark. Nothing at all. Is that what men prefer? For the most part, yes. However there are a few disadvantages of this perfectly shaven muff that many might not like and things that women have not considered.

Have you actually thought about how much work is involved with keeping you completely hairless down there? For porn stars, it's their job to be that way so they have someone who does the shaving for them. Could you imagine what would happen if they were to shave themselves? A lip here and there would get a nick and cut, you could bet your bottom dollar of this!

Another overlooked factor is the razor stubble that re-appears in about an hour. A man's penis is very sensitive and the scratchy feel of razor stubble as you are engaged in an intimate embrace is not very sexual. You can apply all the hair softening cream you want but in the end, the hair stubble will re-appear.

Another alternative to skipping any stubble is to get permanent hair removal. It costs hundreds of dollars but if you really want to be hairless down there, it's a good way to go. The money might be worth the time if you have sex allot. One thing to keep in mind is that you will grow old and hair will never return so think about if it's okay with you. It's permanent just like a tattoo.

Another option is the ever opular but painful waxing. For my fellow ladies in LA, here are my top salons:

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If you have ever seen vintage nudity or watched 70's porn, you will plainly see the big bushy forest. It looks like the women did not even trim! How times have changed. It's gross to have a fill head of hair down there. It's just as bad as 80's hair. I think that a fine meeting point is to trim.

Trimming is good because a trimmed muff shows him that you are clean and self-kept. You are not dirty and there is no wonder about what is crawling down there. It also reduces any scent and keeps hair out of his teeth while he enjoys oral sex on you.

Some men prefer trimmed to completely shaven because when their is no here, it seems to pre,mature, am adult is supposed to have hair and a bare bottom is too premature. It's about men that like young women, younger has no hair so this is probably the deep ingrained reason that men instinctually like a bare lady.

I think that trimmed is the best and here are some important tips to keep in mind while you are self-grooming:

- Use short scissors. A short and blunt pair of scissors gives you best control over what you are doing and allows you to be precise without nipping your inner thighs or lips. Make sure they are sharp.

- Trim hair when it's wet. Do it after you come out of the shower or bath because just lie trimming head hair, it's easier and you get more trimmed because it stretches out longer instead of being curly like in it;s dry state.

- Use a mirror. Place a mirror under you so that you can trim the back parts. Nothing is funnier then a trimmed top half and a bushy bottom half!

- Stretch to get in the little space. Prop your leg up on the toilet and put the mirror on the toilet seat. This gives you the most maneuverability.

- Trim first then shave. Shaving long thick hair is bad for the razor so make sure to trim first before you shave.