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Enjoy Samples of our Writing:

Exotic Foreplay Ideas
Skip the quickie and enjoy some deep and intense foreplay. Read 7 tips for stylish foreplay. Get intimate with your lover on another level.
Masturbation Toys for Women
A must-read article for every women who enjoys orgasms. Everyone who reads this should read about the best sex toys.
Sexy Lingerie Materials
Certain fabrics make certain statements. What do you want to be, naughty or nice? Here's why it's important to match the mood to the material.
Glass Has Class
The best way to feel like a sex goddess is to use glass dildos. Seriously, I mean it and I've got 7 reasons to prove why you should try glass.
Stop the Muffin Top
There is no need to be ashamed if you are large. Style it to your own, just please don't wear pants that are too small, spare us all from the muffin top.
Penis Size Obsession
Why are men so obsessed? It's funny, women don't really care. I searched for the facts on the actual average penis and my discoveries are shocking.
Facts on Aphrodisiacs
What is your opinion on aphrodisiacs? Do you think they are real? Find out some facts on sexual enhancer's and form your own opinion.
Stripper Essentials
If you are considering a career change, make sure you have thought it through. Once you have decided this may be for you, here are some tips to stand out.
Hair or Bare?
Should you go bare down there or stick with some hair? Important tips on trimming and food for thought about how bare or hair you should go.
Las Vegas for Adults
I don't need to tell you why the city of sin is so great. Easy sex, hot women.. Just look at this page and you'll get access to the best ladies of Vegas.
Learn how to tease men from the experts
Seduction tips of the pros. become an expert yourself. This is my secret to tease men and I share it with you. It's your lucky day.
Sex and Astrology
Listen to the little hippie voice inside you and turn to the dark arts. Astrology is freaky weird way to get the best sex buddy, or whatever you're looking for.

You know you've thought sexy thoughts about these oldies family goody-two-shoes shows. You've thought about dirtying up these too-nice girls a little bit. Personally, this is my favorite way to get erotic with my man. Rent some VOD, it's pay per minute. How fantastic is that? Check it out, have an explosive sex life. You only live once - watch lots of porn, especially porn with a purpose.

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