Las Vegas for Adults

Las Vegas tourism has increased three-fold over the past decade and latest estimates now say 36 million tourists visit the gambling capital of the world on an annual basis. The number keeps rising due to intensified efforts by the city’s Chamber of Commerce and many hotels to convince tourists that Las Vegas is now THE place to bring your kids for a family vacation.

No longer do the city’s movers and shakers want Vegas to be portrayed as simply an adult Disneyland. But don’t believe the propaganda. Las Vegas was founded to be a mecca for adults and despite Circus Circus and a few isolated arcade game sites just about everything in Sin City is aimed at and caters to adults. Until casinos start allowing kids to open credit lines or teenagers and pre-teens to sit at the gaming tables, mosey up to a slot machine and order a cocktail - adults are the town’s bread and butter.

Adults make the money, adults spend and control the money and Las Vegas is all about money. The city was purposely designed to be the adult activity capital of the world and it has no equal in that category. You want 24-hour action (after your kids are asleep), beautiful babes knocking at your door ready willing and able to make your fantasies come true or non-stop gambling and decadence this is the place. And you’d better be willing to show your ID if you appear to be under 25.

Clubs? Cocktails, late night shows, topless revues, outcall dancers, erotic massages and a handful of enticing brothels within 30 minutes of the famed Las Vegas Strip! Do any of those activities sound like something aimed at kids? If you want your kids to have a good time take them to Disneyland or Knotts Berry farm. If you want to have the time of your life, come to Vegas. It is without question the Adult Disneyland, the Adult Fantasyland and the only place in the world where you can experience the rush of winning a jackpot or a sports bet, thrill your mind and body and let your hair down even if you don’t have any.

Kids play with blocks. Kids play with video games. Vegas offers adults the best of everything including the all-time adult parlay: wine, women and song. Theme parks may have their roller coasters and e-rides, but you can bet that Mickey and Minnie and Space Mountain will never be as much fun. Vegas is for big kids. When you grow up Las Vegas is the only place in the world to play. There is nothing else even remotely like it.