Stop the Muffin Top

Your face can be pretty, your hair can be silky, your cleavage might be eye-catching, but as your prospective flirt scans down, they are unpleased and turned away by the horrid muffin top.

There is no worse way to ruin a sexy figure then with a gross muffin top spilling out of your pants. Today I'm going to help you get rid of your muffin top, how to prevent it from coming back and how to cover it up if you accidentally get one.

1.) Get Rid of your Muffin Top
You need to make an exercise regimen and stick to it. Doing sit-ups will help but you can't resort to doing only that.
Why? Because doing sit ups will make your back and tummy muscles fit and nice, but if you do not do cardio to melt away that fast over top of that muscle, you will be stuck with a string tummy covered in fat flab. Run AND do sit ups.
Resistance training is perfect too, add ankle weights and run with soup cans in your hand. You might think that this targets your arms and legs, which it does, but the most important part is that you are increasing your metabolism which helps your body to burn fat. So in combination of resistance training, cardio back exercise like sit ups and crunches, you can get rid of the muffin top.

Diet also has a big role in helping with removing the excess flab. Extra carbs and starch pile up in your midsection so hold back a little on the sweets wouldn't cha? I'm not going to get into diet, if you do a Google search about proper diet to help loose weight and follow whichever one suits you the best. If you have a muffin tip, your duet is wrong so you will have to change your diet and change your lifestyle by means of more exercise if you want to be skinny and sexy again.

To prevent it from coming back, you need to make a regiment o follow. Allow yourself dessert twice a week. Eat ice cream only on days when you run. Compromise your lifestyle choices. You don't need to stick to boot camp, but you need to keep fit and healthy.

2.) How to cover the muffin top
Don't think that if you have a muffin top that no on will notice. Trust me, they all notice, Why do you think I'm writing this article? Here is a fact: You look skinnier in jeans that fit then jeans that are a size smaller then feels comfortable.
If your pants are a little bigger but you do not have skin spilling over the top, then you looks skinnier then if you wear pants that are small and you can barely button them up. I think this is an optical illusion, but it really works. The theme here is to wear pants 1/2 or 1 size bigger then you can fit into. Then the muffin top will disperse and won;t be very obvious.

For goodness sake, please cover the belly! Long shirts are in, but you can't wear a tight long shirt and pretend that no one notices your skin flab.
If you are wondering about how your back looks, take a lesson from What Not To Wear and place some floor mirrors behind you for a 3-way mirror so you can see your back. Another alternative is to set up a tripod and take a picture of your back side and then put it on the computer and look to see what it looks like.

Ladies please, be sexy and muffin tops are not sexy. fat can be sexy if you wear it right but if you are not skinny, don't dress like you are skinny.